Dear Friends,

February has us continuing on with Chopin's music. Pam has always associated this month with Chopin's birthday, although there has always been a disagreement about his actual birth date - February 22 or March 1. Our friends in Poland at the Chopin Salon in the Chopin Boutique B and B-the BEST place to stay in Warsaw- ( ) have a solution for this… instead of picking just one date to celebrate, they take it to the next level with 8- days in a row of all-day concerts and programs for young people!

Week 6 combines Chopin's "Farewell Waltz" (the first Chopin piece that Pam fell in love with at 8-years old) with Wendell's newly completed "October Tree Line #1" (24 x 24 acrylic on canvas). We hope you enjoy our continuing explorations combining music and art. We are certainly learning a lot!

You can see more at and, and please feel free to share with your friends.

Happy February!

Pam and Wendell