Dear Friends,

WEEK 5 gave us new challenges and we hope that you will enjoy the pairing of Wendell's "Winter Marsh" (acrylic on panel, 4” x 8”, wendell with Pam's version of Chopin's A Minor Mazurka, Op. 17 No. 4.  The combination has the feel of a journey, both in the varied subtlety of Wendell's landscape and in the form of the music itself.  It is written in an A-B-A form, beginning in the somber minor mode, switching to A Major in the more hopeful "B" section, only to return to the melancholy minor key.  This musical darkness, full of Polish żal, with a ray of light in the middle, only to return to darkness is something that Chopin does a lot in his pieces.

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Wishing you a great last week in January, 2019!

Pam and Wendell