Dear Friends,

WEEK 7 - YOUR MOMENT OF MUSIC AND ART features 1 of the 19 paintings Wendell created for our 2014 performance/exhibition NIGHT MUSIC, held at the FROM WARSAW TO WINSTON-SALEM CHOPIN BIRTHDAY FESTIVAL.  This was our first collaboration, with Pam recording all of the 19 Chopin Nocturnes and Wendell creating  a painting for each nocturne. This week features  Pam’s performance of Chopin Nocturne in B-flat Minor, Op. 9 No. 1 with Wendell’s painting of the same title (acrylic on canvas, 30” x 40”).

 Wendell says:  “For that project, I did a fair amount of reading about what colors are associated with what keys, according to a number of prominent synesthetes.  I found that there really is no consensus, but I did use this as a guide to my choice of colors.  In the case of Nocturne #1, I chose deep green for B-flat minor, the main key of the piece, and a rose/purple for the D-flat Major of the B section.  I found that, for me, the music calls to mind certain shapes and types of movement.  The haunting, almost improvisatory melody of the A section is represented by the looping, ribbon-like brushwork of the central section of the painting. 

 Pam says:  “Our first collaboration showed us that I do not see like Wendell does, and he does not hear how I do – resulting in many lively conversations!  But, this video certainly gives the sense of journey that I feel when I play this first nocturne of Chopin’s, so full of mystery, sadness and joy (no matter how fleeting).  

 We hope you will enjoy this. Please share with friends.

Until next week,

Pam and Wendell