Dear Friends,

This week, on our return from Poland, I wanted to share with you some photos from my last concert there, this past Monday night, May 27th, with Stan Breckenridge. We were at the beautiful Adam Mickiewicz Aula in Poznan and had a wonderful and enthusiastic audience of at least 500. This concert on American Memorial Day was called “Songs of Struggle and Freedom” featuring spirituals to Gershwin and beyond. We included piano four-hands, solos, readings of American authors and singing. It is always fun to collaborate with jazz pianist Stan Breckenridge!

And, of course, we have a new MOMENT ready to celebrate the beginning of a new month. We are pairing the beautifully reflective Beatles tune, "In My Life," with Wendell's painting called "Trees of Many Colors" (acrylic on paper mounted on panel 10 x 10). We hope you will take a moment to reflect and enjoy this - it is one of our favorites so far! (either click this link or scroll to the end).

Wishing a very happy new first week of June!

Pam and Wendell