For this week Pam is performing one of her favorite Chopin Nocturnes, #19 in E Minor. Chopin wrote this nocturne while a teenager still living in Poland. However, it was not published until after his death at age 39.

Wendell says “During our NIGHT MUSIC collaboration in 2013 I did two paintings to accompany the 19th Nocturne. I was not completely satisfied with the first one, so I did a 2nd painting. Pam preferred the first painting, so I decided to keep it, whereas I preferred the 2nd painting, which I titled ‘Nocturne 19 in #E Minor, Alternate Take.’ I have decided to use both for this week’s video.”

Wendell ‘s comments illustrate one of the challenges inherent in our collaborative process. We hope you enjoy our Week 8 offering.

Pam and Wendell