It is with great sadness that I write about the passing of my fellow Fulbrighter, Michael Gilmor - just short of his 23rd birthday.  Michael was with us in Poland this past year, and easily was one of the brightest, kindest, most caring and giving people we ever met, in a group full of exceptional people.  He also met the love of his life, fellow Fulbighter Briana Krewson, during this past Fulbright year, and they had a glorious time together.

In their honor I have composed a piano piece that invokes that Polish żal I am always talking about - the beauty and sadness of things that have been lost to us.  But, Michael's spirit lives on in the countless people whose lives he touched in his short life, as well as in this music- "Golden Summer (Michael & Briana's Song)".  

It is now available on Spotify for free listening, as well as on CD Baby and Amazon, for download purchase (links below).  Proceeds will go to the Michael Gilmor Scholarship Fund. 

Please listen to this piece to honor the beautiful life of Michael Gilmor.  My hope is that this music brings comfort to his family and Briana, all who knew and loved Michael, as well as anyone who has lost someone they love.

Free on spotify:

Please feel free to download the song; proceeds will go towards Mike's scholarship:


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